MSC ASSOCIATI s.r.l. was formed in 1961 trough the collaboration of Antonio Migliacci, Clemente Schiatti. and Sergio Colombo, and operates in the fields of architecture, urban planning and civil engineering.
The head office is in Milan; another office is located in Como.
The firm has a techical staff made up by 30 people and is capable of operating in a variety of domain. MSC ASSOCIATI s.r.l. is able to fullfil any range of request asked by the client, from the specialistic expertise to the complete architecture and engineering service.

The firm collaborated in the past and nowadays collaborates with well-known designers, like the followings:
BBPR Studio, Dante Benini, Mario Botta, Guido Canella, Norman Foster, Studio Gabetti e Isola, Studio Gregotti Associati International, Nicholas Grimshaw, Guido Guiducci, Zaha Hadid, Arata Isozaki, Kenzo Tange, Daniel Libeskind, Fabio Mello, Cesar Pelli, Renzo Piano, Pierluigi Spadolini, Vittoriano Viganò, Pino Zoppini

Founding partners

Antonio Migliacci

Graduated in Civil Engineering at the "Politecnico di Milano" Technical University. He carried out didactic and professional activities reaching a remarkable experience in both theory and technical research at the “Politecnico di Milano”, Engineering Faculty, and at the School of Specialization in reinforced and prestressed concrete “F.ll Pesenti” within the same university. He reported in several congresses, meetings and university courses in Italy and abroad. He is author of a lot of scientific and technical publications and he also usually write on several specialized, scientific and didactic magazines. Permanent consultant of MSC ASSOCIATI s.r.l. for structural projects which needs a particular scientific attitude.

Clemente Schiatti

Graduated in Civil Engineering at the “Politecnico di Milano” Technical University. He carried out didactic activities as assistant of the Architectural and Architectural Composition Chair at the same university and since 1969 to 1971 as assistant of the Technical Structures Chair. He worked in project and working direction field for both civil and industrial building and since 1970 is Technical Director of MSC ASSOCIATI s.r.l. Member of commissions and study groups on building problems and author of technical articles on building industrialization for several specialized magazines; he took also part and related in council on the theme “Building Regeneration”. Managing director of MSC ASSOCIATI s.r.l.

Sergio Colombo

Graduated in Mechanical Engineering at the “Politecnico di Milano” Technical University. He carried out first activities as Technical Director and afterwards as General Manager of the Italo-American society PRENTICE. He carried out activities as designer and working director in heating-water-sanitary and electrical system. He is member of several specific study commissions on industrial system. Consultant of well-known societies ad Public Administrations for the problems regarding equipments.



Danilo Campagna

Graduated in Civil Engineering at the "Politecnico di Milano" Technical University. Since 1981 consultant of MSC ASSOCIATI s.r.l., since 1989 member of the same firm. He got honours from the "Politecnico di Milano" Technical University for his didactic activities. He is responsible for the Consultant and Survey Sector of MSC ASSOCIATI s.r.l. and he carries out his professional activities in the Design and Structural Working Direction field, moreover he works as consultant and expert on remarkable technical problems. He carried out a various range of design experiences also as working director in external building yards, in residential building, in services sector, chimneys, bridges and tunnels.

Sergio Levati

Graduated in Civil Engineering at the "Politecnico di Milano" Techincal university. He got honours from the same university for his didactic activities. Since 1989 member of the MSC ASSOCIATI s.r.l.. General manager of the foreign branch and of the office in Como, he carried out a various range of design experiences in residential building, in services, industry and sport sector. He is author of technical articles on the static regeneration of buildings, also in seismic zone.

Renato Villa

Graduated in Civil Engineering at the "Politecnico di Milano" Technical School. He taught Structural Techniques as assistant at the same university. He also taught Structural Project as assistant at the Politecnico di Milano. In 1989 he became member of MSC ASSOCIATI s.r.l.. He is an expert in civil engineering software and he is responsible for the structural sector of the seat in Milan. He is also author of articles on particular type of structures.


Alessandro Aronica

Member of MSC Associati since 2013

Cristina Fantoni

Member of MSC Associati since 2013

Claudia Gregis

Member of MSC Associati since 2013

Marco Radice

Member of MSC Associati since 2013

Andrea Sangalli

Member of MSC Associati since 2013

Marco Schiatti

Member of MSC Associati since 2013

Pierpaolo Schiatti

Member of MSC Associati since 2013



Umberto Croce, Elke Stauber, Corinna Cappa, Marino Dell'Acqua, Fulvio Bianchi, Massimo Lommano


A brief history

In the 1960s, during the general reconstruction of Italy and in particular that of the industrial sector, three engineers, Antonio Migliacci, Clemente Schiatti and Sergio Colombo were made responsible for the complete project design (urban plan, architecture and mechanical and electrical plants) of a large textile industrial complex to be built in Villacidro in Sardinia. It provided the opportunity to start an informal professional partnership, unheard of at the time, for the integrated building design. In the years to come, the team was given an increasing number of residential complexes, industrial complexes, social housing and recreational facilities on which to collaborate. By 1973, the number of projects on which the engineers had worked together had grown considerably, prompting them to consolidate their loose and at times spontaneous collaboration into the professional partnership of Studio Tecnico MSC s.r.l., based in via Poerio, Milan. In those years Prof. Antonio Migliacci’s constant search for innovative solutions for industrial construction and prefab components drove the structural design industry to grow exponentially. However, traditional project design and site management required the collaboration of young structural engineers and architects. By the end of the 1980s the firm became Studio Tecnico MSC Associati S.r.l., to include four new associates: Eng. Danilo Campagna, Arch. Maurizio Fantoni; Eng. Sergio Levati; and Eng. Renato Villa. The office moved to Viale Majno, then Viale Jenner, and opened an office in Como. Following these changes, the firm’s activities in Italy and abroad grew and developed to include important commercial, residential and hotel buildings. Along with its design activities, the associates’ specialised technical staff are able to follow all activities inherent to a building’s construction: site supervision, technical assistance, administrative and technical evaluation, financial job management. Furthermore, following legislative developments in 1997, the firm increased its competencies in site safety.

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